About Company

Who We Are

Megaprabha Infotech is a above 10 year-old technology solutions company that has focus in the ‘e-Business’ space.

Founded and steered by professionals from India, Megaprabha Infotech e-Business understanding is backed by its domain expertise in industries covering Banking and Financial Services, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Construction, Retail, Electronics, Mobile, Food & Agriculture, and Automobiles. Megaprabha Infotech has leveraged its domain expertise to create industry vertical solutions in the digital economy.


Mega announces a range of advanced security products and solutions, including a new software-based release of Megaprabha Infotech, for protection of digital and physical assets.

Megaprabha Infotech integrates the capabilities of the ClearPath and Forward platforms to create the consolidated ClearPath Forward family based on their common software-based fabric architecture. Megaprabha Infotech becomes a global managed services partner to Service Now, the enterprise cloud company, to deliver integrated service management solutions that help clients in their digital business transformation.

  • 2016 - Moves its High to a new building
  • 2014 - Megaprabha creates its new brand
  • 2006 - Megaprabha opens it doors in London
  • 2003 - Inauguration of the new office
  • 2001 - Megaprabha goes into business


Our mission is to Utilizing relevant technology and the specialized knowledge of our staff to provide software and services of unique value and high quality to our customers.


Megaprabha Infotech has executed large and complex projects based on the web based technologies such as Java based technology platform & .NET based technology platform.