BPO Services

Megaprabha Infotech provides comprehensive and best in class suite of call center services. The highly skilled call centre resources combined with the information technology capabilities of the company is a right mix to provide our clients with right solutions.

Our Call Centers engage in the complete process of project management and set up, while ensuring a full understanding of your requirements and giving you the benefits of our years of experience.

Using our proven customizable call centre services management framework our clients have realized the benefits of cost effective, flawless, and timely project execution. This framework covers the complete client servicing life cycle (CSLC) starting from lead generation to warranty support and it has been successfully used for delivering various offsite projects with 100% satisfactory results.

Our services are broadly classified into

  • Phone Support Services – Inbound and out bound call services
  • Chat Support Services
  • E-Mail Support Services

We have a focused list of service offerings, primarily specializing in outbound services, including:

  • Telemarketing (Product/Service Promotion)
  • Collections
  • Customer Care Programs
  • Market Research - After Sales/ Pre-Sales
  • Verifications

Features of Megaprabha Call Centre Services

Resource Base: Megaprabha Infotech offers a large pool of highly skilled and educated call centre resources who are proficient in the English language and IT literate and who have undergone training programs to support client requirements. Megaprabha Infotechs has partnerships with some of the leading call centre training institutes in Hyderabad, India who provide industry standard training and ensure that these resources have all the required skills.

Geography: Hyderabad is in a prime geographical location which has 12 hour time difference with America enables overnight delivery of services. This unique advantage helps American organizations achieve true 24*7 internal operations and customer service, leveraging the call centre services of Megaprabha Infotechs. The “time zone” advantage provided by Hyderabad can also become a strategic enabler for many West Europe and Asia Pacific based organizations.

Infrastructure: Megaprabha has set up highly integrable and scalable world class infrastructure to support our call centre operations. Some of the highlights of our Infrastructure include high end communication lines and call centre software.

Cost: The relatively low cost of manpower makes Megaprabha Infotechs a very attractive base for sourcing IT-enabled services including the call centre services.

Industries Serviced by Unifie Data Solutions

The following are some of the industries in which Megaprabha Infotech has gained extensive expertise and has serviced large clients in past years. The management team of Unifie Data Solutions is a good mix of personnel from various domains & this has added to the experience of Megaprabha Infotechs. Megaprabha Infotechs has been offering the product suite / custom made solutions for the below mentioned industries, wherein the value offered by Internet based business processes like procurement have been established. The list of the Target Industries includes and not limited to:

  • Health Industry
  • Construction & Related industries
  • FMCG
  • Retail
  • Auto mobile & Related industries
  • Electronics
  • Heavy Engineering
  • Energy
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Legal
  • Agriculture / Plantations
  • Publishing