HR Placements

Megaprabha Infotech provides the expertise required to expertly staff any type of human resources role in your organization. Whether your HR strategy is to build an exceptional HR department, outsource HR tasks or use HR consultants, we deliver the experienced professionals you need. With us, you have the option of using one or more of our primary services to fulfill your employment requirements.

Extensive Searches At Megaprabha, we know that exceptional candidates are often not found through conventional means. We creatively source and recruit candidates through networking, referrals, industry and academic associations, and online resources.

In addition, candidates with proven records of success seek out Megaprabha Infotech because of our excellent reputation within the HR community. We hold leadership roles in professional organizations and have earned our candidates’ confidence in our ability to assist them.

Creative Hiring Options Megaprabha Infotech is your expert source for qualified human resources professionals in all specialties and at various experience levels. Contract employees provide support for short and long-term assignments. They can also be hired onto your payroll for a pre-designated fee. Direct-hire candidates come with our 30-day refund and 100-day replacement guarantee, one of the most competitive in the staffing industry.

Consulting Services When you are faced with intricate and time-consuming ventures, such as HR department start-ups, organizational change or HRIS implementation, we provide you with HR professionals to allow the assignment to be completed effectively. We will work with you to establish the scope of the work, develop timelines and define deliverables. Then we'll provide you with an expert consultant to execute the project from start to finish.