Recruitment Services

The last few years of Indian Economy had seen a rapid growth with lot of investment opportunities and job opportunities where even organizations with the best of HR practices found it difficult to attract and retain its trained and talented employees.

More recently the India economy has been impacted by the crisis in the global market where big names have collapsed overnight or are in need of serious bail-outs. This has brought about a lot of unpredictability and uncertainty in commodity prices, exchange rates, inflation rates, etc whereby the investor confidence is completely shaken.

The results are delayed expansions, restructuring, consolidations, re-organization etc. etc. which has led to freeze on hiring, Lay offs, Salary cuts and downsizing.

With the changing scenario there is a need for competent professionals to manage in the tough times - as the saying goes "when the going gets tough, the tough gets going". Companies are looking at deeper engagements with all stakeholders. Thus it has become highly challenging to search the right Talent through the right Talent Solutions Partner.